On Goals & Goal Setting

Today, many weeks late, I submitted my goals to Sean.  Here’s what I hope to accomplish this year and why.

Re-establish and refine library services for our user group now that we have two people doing collection and curriculum development.
Now that I’ve got a real sense of the dimensions of the library program and we’ve gone through some massive hiring, it’s time to think about how to improve services.  Meghan and I are splitting up our areas of expertise by divisions, so finally got time to really work with the Upper School.  It’s also time I get the library into faculty and subject meetings.  We need to be part of the conversations happening at every level about knowledge literacy and how our space is used.  Major changes are afoot and I want the library to be part of them.
Create an information literacy scaffold for grades 6-12.
As we re-imagine the 6-10 curriculum, I have a responsibility to work with teachers on creating and refining knowledge seeking and knowledge evaluating skills.  I’m excited to work with Jim and Richard to modify the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner and the NET-S standards for our school.  This will be how we deepen the library’s connection to the curriculum.
Work deeply with Humanities and History to create more access to more methods of research and kinds of material across the divisions.
This was one of my goals for last year and I didn’t get very far but I think the staff turnover is creating lots of opportunities.
Engage with librarians at other schools to learn about other methods of library service and instruction as well as to create a regional consortium of independent school librarians.

I’m hoping the newly re-formed MWISLA will jumpstart a change.  I guess I’m ready to see what our peer schools are doing and how we can work together to up the level of service and the role of the library in our schools. 
Contribute to the national discussion about school librarianship and/or IB librarianship in some way.
With this blog, by attending trainings and conferences, and (hopefully) by contributing to conferences.  One thing I learned in Atlanta is that there are very few IB librarians blogging and sharing resources.  I hope to change that.
And I plan on reading more adult books and fewer teen books this year. I have ODed on paranormal romance/ dystopian fantasy and need to read more books on the DP lists. Books with adults.  Who don’t think every teen boy is “beautiful”.  Ugh!
After spending 2 years inhaling a TON of teen novels that serve our MS audience, I need to focus on US books.  And I need to remember what it’s like to read “real literature”.

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