Pleasure Reading and the IB Prescribed Authors List

As mentioned, I need to take  a break from teen novels.  I’ve had enough of “beautiful” boys and vampire-werewolf-angel triangles.  I joined a book club last Spring but have only finished one book in 5 months.  My brain is unused to slower pacing, descriptive setting, sentences that float.

I should have finished A Sense of an Ending, or Open City, or Mortality but always end up reading something I can book talk.  So I’m hoping to split the difference with the new IB English Prescribed Authors List.  I’ve been creating a Resource List in Destiny to share all of the books by these authors we already own and also create a collection development list.  I’m hoping to read (or re-read) these books to get back to literature and put them in kids hands.

How?  I’d like to work more closely with the 9th & 10th grade English teachers to book talk these titles.  The will be a part of the History students 20th century novels winter break reading list.  I should create a Diploma Program summer reading list of recommended titles.  And I should pull a truck and create an electronic resource (maybe via Goodreads?) for students interested in doing their Extended Essay in English.

The list is divided into 4 sections: drama; poetry; novels and short stories; and non-fiction prose.  I wonder why certain authors (Michael Ondaatje) are on more than one, while others (Truman Capote) are restricted to a single genre.  How are these decisions made?  And how should this effect what we collect?


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