Goals Check-in!

Eek, there is only 6 weeks left of school!  I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by and I feel like I just have a little bit of time left to fulfill my goals.  Has it been a success?  Let’s check in with my goals from October.

Re-establish and refine library services for our user group now that we have two people doing collection and curriculum development.

I attend the monthly Subject Coordinators meetings to keep the library and research skills on the Upper School agenda.  The majority of my collaborations this year have been with the US, mostly with history teachers Cook and Rhiel.  I’ve also contributed as a member of a Learning Group and brought ideas about information & digital literacies to this group. One of the things I never expected to encounter was my own resistance and sense of ownership about the work I’ve done here.  It’s been a challenge letting go to some projects and programs I love because we have split the position up by division.  I think I lost some time this year when I could have been digging deeper into the Upper School.  I think I need to re-align my priorities and think about who my users are and what their needs are.  The Upper School faculty and students need different things than the MS community.  Am I really tailoring services to my users?

Create an information literacy scaffold for grades 6-12.

Bam!  I am not currently involved with presenting the scaffold to departments but look forward to being part of this process in the future. AGOPPE will be a major part of this next year.

Work deeply with Humanities and History to create more access to more methods of research and kinds of material across the divisions.

I was part of a major 10th grade History curriculum redo and did some work with the Geography students.  I feel like I did not connect to the US English department well this year. I feel like I saw them less and didn’t try and collaborate enough.

Engage with librarians at other schools to learn about other methods of library service and instruction as well as to create a regional consortium of independent school librarians.

Between MWISLA and the ECIS, AISL and YALSA listservs, I feel like I’ve learned a lot about what’s trending in school libraries.  Although I haven’t stated connected with the IB librarians from Atlanta, I feel so much more knowledgable and confident about working with the Diploma Program.

Contribute to the national discussion about school librarianship and/or IB librarianship in some way.

I think I meant this to mean that by the end of the this year I would have plans to present at a conference, but that didn’t happen.  But I do feel connected to the national conversation via YALSA and the Literature Symposium.  I’m less convinced I want to be part of the national conversation but I would like to contribute to some regional professional development opportunities.  And I am going to continue this blog.  At the very least, it’s been a great way to keep track of my own work.

And I plan on reading more adult books and fewer teen books this year.

I think I’ve read fewer books over all, but many more of them were adult books!  I really want to read the Alex Award books this summer and I need to spend more time with the DP Literature in Translation list.

Thinking ahead to next year: Collection Management.  We need to do an Inventory and some major weeding.


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