Goal Setting 2015-16

We have to do SMART goals this year. I dunno why, but I love SMART goals! I like being Specific and Measurable and Relevant. Here are mine.

Goal 1: Non-Fiction Collection Development

The non-fiction collection hasn’t been evaluated and weeded in a long time. Looking over, removing old and adding new books will bring freshness and relevancy to the collection. It will also provide a forum for collaboration with departments about changes in their curricula.

Fall: Assess and have department conversations

Winter: Weed and discard

Spring: Purchase new items

Goal 2: S4 Teacher Collaborations

I plan on collaborating with each member of S4 this year on projects which span 9-12 and history, economics and geography. The new faculty (and new 9/10 curriculum) bring fresh opportunities to embed information literacy skills from the ICT Outcomes document. This will be on-going throughout the year. Don and I have spoken extensively about the needs of the program and we are developing a plan to standardized IL classroom practices.

Goal 3: OverDrive/Ebook Promotion and Development

Now that we have OverDrive (yay!) I’ll be spending part of this year ensuring that every Tregaron student knows about it, has the app, and understands how it works. We’re investing boatloads of money so it’s important we get good usage. This work will be on-going with bigger pushes before and after school breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, etc.) As part of this goal, I’ll work on developing our OverDrive Advantage collection to better suit our population.


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