Global Reads for the International Baccalaureate @ AASL

Thanks for stopping by to check out my presentation and book list. I’m passionate about finding the right titles for students and teachers, so let me know if I can help you find a new book for your library or classroom.

My presentation:

Here’s my working sheet of titles, including books I decided against including. This is open to your comments, so let me know what else you’re using.


Information Services Cross Divisional PD day

Need to keep track of this!


Sharing of Division Curriculum (10 minutes)


Structure/Planning Opportunities(How is the curriculum structured in the division? When/how do you engage in curriculum planning?) Subject areas don’t meet to plan.6-10 curr is undocumented. Accessed thru OCC and teacher Moodle papers.All planning is teacher-driven and dependent on collaboration. Occasional project meetings, mostly 1 on 1 planning. Supports subject-area goals, embedded in subject curriculum.
Resources(What are key resources you use in planning and in delivering the curriculum?) WIS Outcomes & Dispositionsaddresses Standards/Benchmarks in the subject areas (subject teachers altered them a bit). Populated into Atlas.Library resources

Content delivery mechanisms (Moodle, Google, software)

Personal PLNs

Learning Highlights(What are some of the essential skills and bodies of knowledge for this subject area at each grade level? What are key understandings students should have by the end of the course?) Richard: works also with administration and meeting their workflow goals and teachers’ practice documentations.6th – intro to Noodletools7th – Civil rights research/multimedia

9th – doctopus file mgt

9th – Bill of Rights project

10th – writing project

11th and 12th – Voicethread, podcasting storytelling

12th – extended essay
Benchmarks in reading, research, dig citizenship and technology by 6/7/8, 9/10, 11/12:

Overview of Assessment Practices(What are the kinds of assessments you use? How do you differentiate for learning differences? How do students and parents know how a child is doing?) Aren’t really doing this and want to.Need a two-prong approach: teach the teachers plus co-teach & monitor student work.
Challenges(What are some of the challenges faced in ensuring every child reaches expected mastery at a certain grade level?) Curriculum planning is not sustainable.No consistent approach across subjects.Lack of advance notice from teachers — not enough time to plan.

Equipment management time-consuming.

Some teachers reluctant to change their curriculum (lack of risk-taking and creativity), although Project Zero is helping improve this.