Goal Setting for 2013-14

We’re meeting with Sean today to talk about goals and I want to get me thoughts organized.

How does my work correlate to the AASL Roles of the School Librarian?



Instructional Partner

Information Specialist

Program Administrator

What do I plan on accomplishing this year? 

  • 8 collaborations with US teachers
  • Kindles pilot
  • Three Wells and advertising – getting different bodies in the library
  • weeding and replacement of ENG fiction
  • signage
  • reportage and documentation
  • create a monthly US book display
  • Annual Report
  • Ebook acquisition methods
  • Present at a conference?!
  • Train Jane and her up and running as MS librarian
  • budget, billing, credit card stuff




AASL 16th National Conference IdeaXchange Take One

I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for the AASL Exploratorium/ IdeaXchange in Hartford next November.  It seems like a regular poster presentation but perhaps with a technology twist.  My thoughts are a mess, but I’ve been thinking about this article from the NYT about the lack of Latina characters and this earlier Atlantic article about a lack in characters of color in YA.  From what I can tell from this video about the last Exploratorium, there has not been a recent presentation on multicultural literature at AASL.  So maybe there is something there…

The new Non-fiction requirement has been on my mind too.  Can that get mixed in?  Is there something about being at an international school that can clearly contribute?  And given my reaction to the lack of graphic novels at YA Lit Syp, I feel a responsibility to share some.

Best practices?  Or a muddled mess?

More thinking is required.

I want to: Fulbright Specialist Program

I’ve been thinking a lot about my long-term goals recently.  Actually, I’m always thinking about my the next coolest, most awesome thing I want to do.  Working at WIS has really made me crave international experience but I love DC and can’t imagine wanting to leave.

Enter the Fulbright Specialist Program for librarians.  This seems like the perfect way to connect with schools and organizations abroad to do short term (2-6 weeks) of work in an area of specialization.  I can see myself applying in a few years as a School Librarian or Children and Young Adult Librarianship specialist.  I already have lots of contacts in the international school world through ECIS and former colleagues.  I’d love to spend some time bringing a YA collection up-to-date or re-imagining a traditional library space into a digital commons in Spain or Singapore or Nairobi.

How cool would that be?!