Becoming a Nationally Certified School Librarian

I started this blog with my own goals and just stumbled up the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards criterion for Library Media Specialists.  You can access it here but I also wanted to save their skills/indicators.  National Certification is a goal I’m considering for next year.

Entry 1: Instructional Collaboration
In this entry: You demonstrate your ability to collaborate with teachers to plan, develop, and implement an instructional sequence that integrates multimedia, research, or information literacyprocesses into classroom instruction. 

Entry 2: Fostering an Appreciation of Literature
In this entry: You demonstrate your ability to foster an appreciation of literature in your students by encouraging them to read, listen to, or view a variety of literary materials. You provide a 17-minute video recording consisting of a narrated, 2-minute pan of the room to highlight your collection and organization of materials and a 15-minute segment from a single lesson that demonstrates how you help students as developing readers to understand and appreciate literature. 

Entry 3: Integration of Instructional Technologies
In this entry: You demonstrate the effective selection and integration of technologies into the instructional program of your school. You demonstrate teaching strategies used to integrate technologies into a lesson and how you foster students’ understanding of the ethical or legal use of information. You provide a 20-minute video recording consisting of two 10- minute continuous and unedited segments showing different parts of a single lesson that demonstrate how you integrate technologies into your teaching and help learners effectively use technology as it relates to their learning process.

Entry 4: Documented Accomplishments:Contributions to Student Learning

In this entry: You illustrate your partnerships with students’ families and community, and
your development as a learner and collaborator with other professionals by submitting
descriptions and documentation of your activities and accomplishments in those areas.