IB Theatre Research Investigation

Our theatre teacher recently approached me to present to her HL Theatre class on their Dramaturgical Research Investigation.  The investigation requires an annotated bibliography (called a “critique of sources” by the IB) and she ask that include some guidance on source evaluation and in-text citation.  Here’s my presentation and a shoutout to Tony Tepedino’s excellent tutorial on embedding.


AGOPPE meets the Extended Essay

I’m pretty excited to debut AGOPPE in the Extended Essay subject meetings.  I’m meeting with the Biology group and a Philosophy students to discuss the process and share resources.  At this point, all the juniors should have met with their sponsors so now it’s about introducing them to the Moodle page and getting them to think about their topics and research questions in a defined way.

I’m starting to appreciate my Atlanta IB training more. I feel better equipped to talk to kids about their EEs.  I feel like I understand the IB methods more and understand how much of the language needs to be translated into discernable, specific tasks for students.  The IB is really good at being simultaneously very specific and very vague about their requirements.  I’ve seen a number of students struggle because they don’t have a path through the process.  I imagine it’s especially hard to work on the EE in the summer away from school and a teacher’s guiding hand/ hard deadlines.

To that end, here is my new handout, Researching and Writing the Extended Essay.  I’ve attempted to take the requirements from the EE Guide and synthesize them with the AGOPPE research model.  I hope it will help students break down the process for the EE into achievable chunks.


Mock Elections and Internationalism

Good Morning!  It’s another beautiful day for democracy in America!

Our library hosted a mock election and here are our results.

As you can see, Mr. Obama won by a landslide.  One hundred sixty-eight students participated, which is about half of the Upper School.

We also added four state ballot measures to the ballot.  These are real voter-driven initiatives from States around the country.

Choosing our ballot measures was a challenge because we wanted the ballot to reflect a range of conservative and liberal initiatives as well as being appropriate for both Middle and Upper school students.  We discussed and rejected the Massachusetts Death with Dignity initiative and the Colorado legalization measure for their controversy.  At the same time, so many of our students don’t think of themselves as American, so it was fun to challenge them to think about the views and positions of citizens around this country.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the DP learner profile and the idea, embedded in the IB mission, that “other people, with their differences, can also be right”.  This idea is the polar opposite of the campaign we’ve just survived and I wonder how we reinforce this level of intellectual engagement and flexibility in students when they are constantly bombarded by small-mindedness.

Is the answer in engaged mindfulness?  Or in an equal bombardment of diverse points of view?