October Toggl-ing, or, What This Librarian Does

October toggling

So, here’s my the report for my first month of Toggl-ing.  I captured 120 hours of my work and learned some things about how I use my time and how I describe the way I use my time.  It took me a few weeks but I know feel like I have some controlled language about how I use my time and, moving forward, will be closer to capturing 200 hours of work a month.  One thing I’ve noticed is that even though I’m in the office from 8-4, I tend to only annotate 7:30 hours of work a day.  In addition, this pie chart doesn’t include the hours I spend reading teen fiction outside work. I’m reading much, much less at work this year. Between Toggl and my Asana checklist I’m feeling super productive and super BUSY. There is simply so much to do this year.  Is it that I’m getting better at my job?  Do teachers trust me more?  Am I feeling pressure to leave a legacy or prove my worth?  All of it.  But I’m also just straight up excited to be doing awesome projects with my peers.  I really, really love my job. [Hooray!]


We’re hiring!

Hello Everyone,

Washington International School, a private, co-educational school in
northwestern Washington, DC, is seeking a full-time Teacher-Librarian
to work with middle and upper school faculty and students for the
2013-14 academic year beginning in August.

Here’s the link to the job post and I’ve attached a full job
description.  My colleague just found out her husband’s job is taking
them abroad and we hope to have a wonderful, tech-savvy, passionate
librarian in place by August 12th.  Please send any candidates my way
and feel free to share/post the listing on your other networks.

I’m sad to see Ms. B go but am excited to find a new team member!  This is going to be the start of something marvelous.